Saba was one of the first dogs I was able to walk. Saba’s coat felt like coarse wire, but the softness of his heart was unmissable. He was a sweetheart with a lot of  curiosity. When Saba caught onto a scent he made it his mission to find where it was coming from and he had to explore it aka pressing his nose into the ground for at least a minute, shifting just a tidbit every few seconds. Sometimes he caught a scent that would be one the other side of the street, and so I got surprised being pulled in multiple different directions. Eventually my arm got used to it and I quickly became prepared for the action of being pulled, almost dragged. Saba may not be the biggest dog, but he sure has muscle in his lean muscled body.

Saba is around two years old, but All Breed Rescue (18 Lime Rock Road, S. Burlington, VT) isn’t quite sure what breed he is, speculating he is a mix breed. He had a steady level of energy throughout our walk, making it on the relaxing side, but it was fun to experience his random spurts of a lot of energy. Saba loved jumping in the snow banks on the side of the street. You could see the excitement in his eyes when I pulled out a hidden treat from my coat pocket. Saba responded positively when I gave him the “sit” command. He was an eager learner.


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