Fiona was a beautiful, five year old, bull terrier. She only came up to about knee height, so I had to bend down to pet her. Fiona’s body was built up of lean muscle, and she enjoyed the back rubs I gave her every once in a while during our walk. With her ears always in a perked up position, she seemed to always be alert. When I looked into Fiona’s eyes, I could tell she was sincere and genuine.

It was a joy to walk her because of her calm demeanor. Even when I would give her a big rub down, with my freezing hands trying to warm up using her body heat, Fiona still seemed to be observing her surroundings to see if anything would move or if someone would pop out of the buildings around us. Passing cars didn’t bother her, which was great because there didn’t seem to be a let up of cars on the road.

She had a “chill” attitude, and when she smiled it seemed very sweet. Fiona didn’t show any forms of aggression, and she stayed close to me when walking. I noticed that when calling her name, I needed to be a little bit louder than normal, and almost have a “stern” inflection to my voice. Fiona responded positively when called, and also she immediately gave me her attention when I would whistle. The walk with Fiona was very pleasant and she barely pulled, unless she pulled me back a smidgen because she stopped to investigate a smell. Nothing big, and it was actually kind of cute because when she was done, she wouldn’t even acknowledge me once she started walking again. Fiona just went on her merry way on our walk. Every once in a while though she did look back, which were very small glances unless I was holding a treat in my hand.

Fiona loved the treats I gave her. The way she went for the treat, once in front of her mouth, was as if I had thrown it for her to catch it. Then she would look off into the distance while chewing, as if  eating a treat was no big deal.



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