Puppy Time!

Puppy Time!

HardyEdit2 HardyEdit3 HardyEdit4 HardyEdit5

Hardy was the first puppy that I have been lucky enough to walk during my volunteering days. I almost missed my chance because I didn’t know I was allowed to walk this little sweetheart. He was a Lab, Basset Hound mix. Hardy still had some growing to do, but I don’t think there will be much difference. His attitude was like any other puppy you play with: overly excited and curious about anything. Upon meeting this darling, his sharp nails brushed my skin, but I barely noticed because of his desire to be given affection.

Looking at Hardy, anyone could fall instantly in love with this rascal. His odd shape gets your attention, and then his beautiful brown eyes suck you into his infectious “happy” mood. I may have gotten some serious looking pictures, but Hardy was smiling the entire time we spent together.

He didn’t quite recognize his current name, but that was okay because he will most likely receive a new name when he gets adopted and lives in his forever home. While walking, Hardy would practically zig-zag throughout the street. I could tell that he loved it when people in passing cars noticed him. It almost looked like he was posing for them. In addition to the back ‘n forth walking, he would jump about and off the street curb. Hardy never pulled me around unless something was being blown by the strong wind. I never knew that a tiny twig could seem so interesting. He made it his mission to catch it all, but he only prevailed in catching a leaf with his paw.

During our wonderful walk, the little guy kept getting his leash either under his stubby legs, or somehow wrapped around him in a spiral way. It looked like he had rolled around to get it the way it ended up. The curiosity was also rolling off of him. Hardy did a form of “happy leaping” whenever he saw another dog, and he only barked once.


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