Showing off his athletic build

Showing off his athletic build

Gazing into the distance

Gazing into the distance

According to All Breed Rescue’s website, Frodo is a mix of: Jack Russell Terrier / Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler. He is between five and six years old.

Frodo was overjoyed to go out for a walk. He pretty much ran past me, not caring who was walking him as long as he could get outside as fast as possible. Frodo was basically walking me with his continuous pulling. 

When I get to the intersection in the path I walk, I tell the dog to “wait.” As soon as I stopped and said the word, Frodo immediately gave me all of his attention. He even sat down & looked up at me like I just told him “treat” instead of “wait.” Noticing this, I thought he would be a great agility dog. He could probably win, too. Frodo was very intelligent. When he saw other dogs, he would lay down. That was all on his own! I was amazed. 

Smiling in Black & White

Smiling in Black & White

There was some parts when Frodo would change his pace into a relaxed trot or “prance,” like the dogs in the fancy shows. But at any moment he would spring into action and have as much energy as five children on Christmas morning, combined in one. With this in mind, I also thought Frodo might thrive in the game of frisbee. He might also do best with a family that has a fenced in yard or a dog park nearby.


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