Getting close & personal

Getting close & personal

Tulip was a very sweet boxer mix. She gave me kisses when I would kneel beside her. Her laid back attitude went to a whole new level. I think she might have taught herself to heal because she naturally returned to my side after she sniffed the grass a bit. Tulip had a calmness about her as soon as I met her, but that drastically changed when we stepped foot onto a big field. She immediately busted out all this energy and bolted about like a Ping pong ball at a championship tournament. In all her excitement of being outside and able to run, she did nip a good amount at my legs. I think that if a person brought a toy along while on walks she could easily learn where and how to redirect the nipping action in her frenzy of excitement.

Rolling around, being a goofball

Rolling around, being a goofball

During our walk, on a wonderfully sunny morning, she would sometimes walk behind me in a relaxed manner making me think that my slow walking pace was too fast. Every once in a while she would jump onto the grass along the curb and roll around in it, giving herself a nice, fun back scratch. Sometimes she would have fresh cut grass stick to her afterwards, which was quite amusing.

enjoying the fresh air

enjoying the fresh air

Tulip would strive with a family that has a big yard for her to run around. When she noticed another dog during our stroll, she seemed intrigued, but showed no forms of hostility. If Tulip sounds like a perfect fit for you, please visit her page to learn more about her and the rescue that has given her a second chance to find a forever home. If you have any questions for me, don’t be afraid to ask.

Tulip’s Page: http://www.allbreedrescuevt.com/animals/detail?AnimalID=7108127




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