Final Days

After almost two years being a dog walker/pet sitter with Home Sweet Home Pet Care LLC., I have decided to move on. There have been good days and bad days, but I am grateful for the experience and meeting such wonderful people, and spending time with many amazing animals. I will honestly admit that I will miss some animals more than others, but everyone develops favorites. Here are a couple collages of the good days:


Have you ever been a dog walker/pet sitter? What was your experience? Share your stories! I love pictures, too!


My senior project is in motion, and I have lots of work to do. I’m not sure how much I’ve shared what my project is, but here’s an explanation. I plan to pair pictures of dogs, from All Breed Rescue, with a short write-up that will either be a background story or just a “personality blurb” so that whoever is reading it & sees the picture can get an idea of how the dog is.

My project has had a great start, and is slowly blossoming into the finished product as I envisioned it. Here are a couple pictures that my lovely classmate Amanda Schroth took last week, during my weekly visit to the shelter.



Since Amanda helped me, I want to lend a helping hand right back. Her project is called, “Postcards Never Sent.” It would be wonderful if you submitted to her project. Here’s the link:

Postcards Never Sent

When a parent asks a child, “Are you going to take care of it?” The child immediately says, “Yes!” Their voice filled with glee and body humming with excitement. One may not realize, but the animal is not solely being taken care of. The wonderful creatures we have nicknamed, “Man’s Best Friend,” are here to take care of us. They are here to love us.

So next time you see someone walking their dog, think about what the animal is giving back to it’s owner.  Think of anyone who the dog encounters during walks and playtimes.

Making Friends

One of many pictures from dogrescuervt's instagram :)

One of many pictures from dogrescuervt’s instagram 🙂

Hello all! During my wonderful dog walking today, I was able to meet a fellow volunteer and she has an Instagram devoted to her time with All Breed Rescue. I didn’t even think about posting my pictures to Instagram! I was only reaching out to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and you guys!

My fellow volunteer’s Instagram username is: dogrescuervt

Go follow her! and help spread the word about the wonderful dogs at All Breed Rescue that need to be adopted. Click HERE to check out her other posts!