The month of march has passed me by so quickly that I believe it moved faster than the super hero some people know by the name of Flash. I was able to experience some moments of frozen time during my spring break, yet those moments never lasted long enough.

During said break, I went through the interviewing process for finding a job. The whole week I was a ball of nerves; just shaking a little bit more as the interview date got closer. With the support from friends and family, I was able to go into the interview with confidence. As I started conversing with my interviewers, my body began to relax and I felt at ease with the people whom I (at the time, not knowing) would hope to become my co-workers. I am happy to say that I was offered a job position with the company, by the name of Home Sweet Home Pet Care.  I’m extremely excited to work with such a great team, and help build the company.

On another note, my capstone (senior) project is coming along… slowly, but surely. These upcoming days are numbered though and now it’s crunch time. I’ve been experimenting with multiple different cameras, and hopefully in the end I will come out with beautiful pictures of all the six dogs who I am now focusing on for the final product. Here is a picture of Clyde. He is currently my favorite dog at All Breed Rescue. I’m glad I have been able to work with such a wonderful group of staff to help me bring awareness to the shelter and the dogs that reside there through my project.

2015-03-21 Clyde

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day, sharing the love with your canine companions. Here are a couple cute pictures to help you get into the mood for today’s holiday.






My senior project is in motion, and I have lots of work to do. I’m not sure how much I’ve shared what my project is, but here’s an explanation. I plan to pair pictures of dogs, from All Breed Rescue, with a short write-up that will either be a background story or just a “personality blurb” so that whoever is reading it & sees the picture can get an idea of how the dog is.

My project has had a great start, and is slowly blossoming into the finished product as I envisioned it. Here are a couple pictures that my lovely classmate Amanda Schroth took last week, during my weekly visit to the shelter.



Since Amanda helped me, I want to lend a helping hand right back. Her project is called, “Postcards Never Sent.” It would be wonderful if you submitted to her project. Here’s the link:

Postcards Never Sent

When a parent asks a child, “Are you going to take care of it?” The child immediately says, “Yes!” Their voice filled with glee and body humming with excitement. One may not realize, but the animal is not solely being taken care of. The wonderful creatures we have nicknamed, “Man’s Best Friend,” are here to take care of us. They are here to love us.

So next time you see someone walking their dog, think about what the animal is giving back to it’s owner.  Think of anyone who the dog encounters during walks and playtimes.

Dog of the Day!

The dog of the day: Swedish Vallhund

(pictures and videos are credited to Google & YouTube)




What do you think about this breed? Ever heard of it before this? What other rare breeds do you know about? 🙂 Please share!

Always happy to see a friendly face

Always happy to see a friendly face

Congrats to Antionette and Hardy! Both these wonderful canines were adopted this week. I hope they enjoy their new adventures with their forever homes.

Such a sweetheart... ready for new adventures

Such a sweetheart… ready for new adventures



Showing off his athletic build

Showing off his athletic build

Gazing into the distance

Gazing into the distance

According to All Breed Rescue’s website, Frodo is a mix of: Jack Russell Terrier / Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler. He is between five and six years old.

Frodo was overjoyed to go out for a walk. He pretty much ran past me, not caring who was walking him as long as he could get outside as fast as possible. Frodo was basically walking me with his continuous pulling. 

When I get to the intersection in the path I walk, I tell the dog to “wait.” As soon as I stopped and said the word, Frodo immediately gave me all of his attention. He even sat down & looked up at me like I just told him “treat” instead of “wait.” Noticing this, I thought he would be a great agility dog. He could probably win, too. Frodo was very intelligent. When he saw other dogs, he would lay down. That was all on his own! I was amazed. 

Smiling in Black & White

Smiling in Black & White

There was some parts when Frodo would change his pace into a relaxed trot or “prance,” like the dogs in the fancy shows. But at any moment he would spring into action and have as much energy as five children on Christmas morning, combined in one. With this in mind, I also thought Frodo might thrive in the game of frisbee. He might also do best with a family that has a fenced in yard or a dog park nearby.