Final Days

After almost two years being a dog walker/pet sitter with Home Sweet Home Pet Care LLC., I have decided to move on. There have been good days and bad days, but I am grateful for the experience and meeting such wonderful people, and spending time with many amazing animals. I will honestly admit that I will miss some animals more than others, but everyone develops favorites. Here are a couple collages of the good days:


Have you ever been a dog walker/pet sitter? What was your experience? Share your stories! I love pictures, too!


Earnest — HSHPetCare

“Seattle’s Second Chance Shelter smelled of damp fur and dog breath. Frantic barks and whines pierced the air and assaulted Anna’s ears. She shrank back from the desperation that hung in the air like mist. All the sad eyes begging for a home. The furry foreheads rumpled with anxiety. Anna’s tender heart slid to her…

via Earnest — HSHPetCare

We all know everyone enjoys a good celebration and the holidays, and we know you want to include your animal companions in the festivities. July 4th is a pretty big holiday with lots of activities going on, mostly barbeques and fireworks. Here are some safety tips so you can include your pets in a way…

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